Welcome to the New Site

Well, welcome to the new site. It’s amazing — as Igor, my Russian co-worker would say. And, it actually is amazaing; I’ve learned more about HTML, PHP, XHTML, CSS, etc. in the past four days than I learned over the past 4 years! And, let me tell ya — this stuff is cool. I laugh at the static HTML pages of the world. The power of these new tools and standards is incredible. You can whip up all kinds of stuff and have it be easily editable, dynamic, changeable, etc. Now that I have the basic page done, all there is to do is manage and add content. Most of this can be done via a browser through the admin interface on WordPress — the template I built this page on. And, I can add to the blog, gallery, etc. from any place in the world I can jump on a web browser. Ahh, the internet. . . I wonder how much more valueable time it is going to steal from my life?!?

More soon. . .

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