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I should really get a job at Popular Science. Popular Science I push this magazine on people as if it were the Bible or something. My dad had a subscription to this magazine since the early 70’s; I can remember it since I was a wee little shortie. I would always grab it from the mailbox and read it before giving it back to him. The ‘What’s New’ section of this magazine is what makes it. Gadget central. And, who doesn’t like gadgets? In the recent years, they have added another feature section, ‘How 2.0‘, which comes a very close second. Check the link out and tell me they don’t have some cool little projects. Tell me! For the technically interested the magazine provides an excellent broad resource to keep you abreast of the latest, greatest, and not so greatest innovations. So, get a subscription already!

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  1. Steve May 22, 2005 at 2:13 pm #

    I totally agree with you Dave! Popular Science is one of the best magazines out there!

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