MyNetFlix Plug-in for WordPress


I found a great plug-in today — MyNetFlix; it doesn’t really do much, but what it does do is pretty cool. Plus, it’ll work well in the ‘Movies’ page I am working on for my blog. It is a plug-in capable of listing your current queue at NetFlix. After downloading it, I found that it didn’t work correctly with WordPress 1.5. The issue was that the plug-in distributes some RSS code, code which happens to also be included with WordPress 1.5. When trying to exectute the plug, you get some redeclare errors since the same code is trying to be initialized twice. I played with it a while and was able to redirect the plug-in to use WordPress’ RSS distribution. Check the comments on Jimmy Oliver’s (the author of the plug-in) site for a quick fix. He is releasing a new version of the plug-in soon which will obsolete having to perform this hack.

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