The Deal with the Gallery

Okay, whoever you may be. . . I guess I never really explained my intentions for the “gallery.” I went with this involved, comprehensive, feature rich gallery to try and have all you wonderful people give me some feedback on the shots that I posted up there. Yeah, I want you to just be able to look through them, but it would also be great if you could take a second to rate and leave comments on some of them. I thought, by visitors using these features, that it would give me a good idea as to what shots are liked vs. what ones are. . . well, not liked. A lot of what I posted can be much improved upon in Photoshop. (I just posted some simple, automated, RAW->JPEG conversions for the gallery — so they look pretty crappy.) The comments and ratings will give me a good idea which ones I should even attempt to do extra processing on. So, if stopping by and checking out the gallery, please take an extra second to rate and/or comment the individual photos.

You assistance would be much appreciated.
Vous aide seriez beaucoup appréciés.
Sie Unterstützung würden viel geschätzt.
Le ayuda apreciarían mucho.
Assistenza molto sareste apprezzati.
Você auxílio seria apreciado muito.

Hope I covered the bases here.

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