The Eye in the Sky

Google's KeyholeYou ever want to see what it was like to see the earth from space. . . I mean, actually space itself?! No? Well try it anyway. It’s pretty sweet. Google bought this company with plans to tie it into their ever growing collection of all the world’s garbage. They suggest that as the technology matures that you will not only get to see cool images of your friend’s and families’ homes, work places, etc., but use it to find everything from a pharmacy to a brothel. Well, maybe not a brothel. But, you get the picture. I read that they plan on integrating into their map web page. The map page is pretty nice already, albeit only graphics. They have plans to overlay the satellite images from Keyhole onto the graphical maps to add that extra special real touch. Anyhow, sign up and get the 7 day trial application. Impressive 3D action. Don’t forget to check out Cambridge, MA. It was captured at a 6 inch resolution.

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