Home Depot is Shit, Mon! (Part Deux)

The saga continues on the Home Depot, hardwood floor gig. But, now we’re getting somewhere… This arrived in my Inbox the other day:

Dear Mr. Wolf,

Thank you for your e-mail of August 10th.

We have added your latest comments to the information you previously provided to us. At the same time we have contacted the Escalation Team assisting with the review of your concerns and requested they contact you as soon as possible.

Please be assured that your experience is not typical of our usual high quality of service. Your patronage is important to us. We would never intentionally jeopardize that relationship.


Customer Care Department

… “not typical of our usual high quality of service.” Really?! It’s become pretty typical to me. But, I digress. After playing phone tag with their “escalation representative” for two weeks plus, the guy finally calls me at work today. He gives the “normal” schpiel of blah, blah, blah and finally ends it all with offering me a $200 gift card. This is nice — and, yes, it makes me a lot more content with Home Depot, but I stressed that while even though the compensation is nice that they seriously look into why the local Savannah store(s) have provided me with nothing more than shit service. I’m not sure where this leaves me with Home Depot. This is the second time that I have and issue with them — and the second time I’ve gotten monetary compensation. Maybe I shouldn’t look into going elsewhere. Maybe I can just count on having them screw up and get these nice discounts in return. We’ll see…

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  1. Fattkidd August 25, 2005 at 12:01 pm #

    The thing you have to remember about them is that, contrary to what they advertise as ‘Home Depot Professional Installers’ etc, they sub out most, if not all, of their installation/home improvement work to local subs. Something you could do on your own and not have to pay a premium to Home Depot. And, from past personal experience, they don’t do a very good job vetting the subs they hire. I had an experience purchasing carpet from them where I entertained the idea of having ‘Home Depot’ install it for me. I paid the $30 fee to have a rep from Home Depot come to my house to take measurements and draw up an installation layout, just so that they could give me a quote. Well, the quote for the labor ended up being more than double what the price for the carpet was. When we informed them that we didn’t want to hire them to install it, and just wanted the carpet delivered asap, they informed us that the carpet had been delivered to the installers we were supposed to hire and that we would have to contact THEM about delivery to our home. The ‘Home Depot Professional’ installers ended up being some mom and pop carpet laying crew from BF-Georgia (Guyton) who, when we called for the carpet, informed us that there was noone there during the day who could manage the 400lb plus roll of carpet to deliver it. When we pressed the lady on the other end of the phone to deliver the carpet we had already paid for asap, she said she would see if she could get her uncle or cousin or somebody to come help her and her daughter get the carpet in her truck/trailer but, that she would only be able to leave it on the curb. Well, we live in the country and don’t have any curbs, just a road and it had been raining daily for about three weeks straight now.
    After much wasted time, headache, phone calls upon phone calls, etc etc we finally got our carpet… about a week and a half after we ordered it. Come to find out too that we could have ordered the carpet direct from the factory in Atlanta and bypassed Home Depot alltogether.

    Never again.

    My brother and I ended up installing the carpet ourselves and I saved about $2300 doing so. (the original quote for labor was $2600). It took us about a day and a half. So, in other words, they wanted to charge us about $215/hr to install the carpet. Thanks but, no thanks.

    And, ma and pa kettle from BFG probably wouldn’t have done as good a job either.

    Take my advice and, before you undertake a major renovation or home improvement project, do some research. Check as many resources as you can for materials. Get as many quotes from sub-contractors as you can stand. Find out what they charge/pay for their materials. Don’t just run out to Home Depot and pay retail for materials and labor when you can get the job done better, for less money, and less time/headache.

  2. The Kid August 25, 2005 at 1:57 pm #

    I hear ya. The premium (although nowhere as excessive as yours — in fact, tolerable) I was going to pay to The Depot as I thought it would buy me peace and time savings. Time savings in that I would not have to deal with a local “redneck” putting the screws to me, giving me stories about how he or she couldn’t come out today as they had a job somewhere 100 miles away (like I care or give a shit). Well, we both see now that even paying a premium (a premium quite more than you’re willing to pay for peace) doesn’t allow you to escape the grips of the “reds” down here. No matter where you go or what you do, it always comes down to you having to deal with them anyway. I love the deep South.

  3. Fattkidd August 25, 2005 at 2:46 pm #

    Yeah, I mean, you gotta think that any sub-contractor worth anything would probably be too busy to be dealing with Home Depot and their unorganized asses to begin with. So, anyone dealing/working for HD probably is someone who NEEDS the business. Which, is not a good sign for you, the home-owner.

    Adn, yeah, like you say… you would THINK paying that premium to HD to handle the sub-contracting would get you out of having to deal with it at all but, as we both know, all they do is put you in contact with a sub (which you could do by just picking up a phone book) and leave you to do/deal with the rest. If you have a problem, don’t bother calling HD… all they’re going to do is give you the number of the sub THEY hired to do your work.

    Total BS.

  4. Wray Fanton July 14, 2008 at 11:27 am #

    Mr Wolf,

    Do you have the Phone Number for the Escalation Team?


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