Shareware in the House – W² Software

A work associate and myself have started a small shareware venture — W² Software. . . Well, not really a venture, but a webpage with some software we created and a donate button. (Get it, donate button. . . meaning, send us cash! 😉 ) The software was mainly born out of our needs for some small, utility type apps — apps we couldn’t find anywhere out on the Net. After creating a couple of them, for our use only, we felt that they might also be useful to others. Thus, the webpage was born. Over the next couple of months there will be more apps added — they are in progress. For now, the primary app is a Random Playlist Creator. When generating a playlist with it, you also have the option of being able to exclude specific genres based on the mood of the playlist you are trying to create. You can read more about it on the software page. Check back to the page from time to time to see what other cool utilities we add. I’ve littered the apps on the shareware pages on the Net. We’re hoping people download them and find them worth while.

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