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If you haven’t by now heard of by now or, at least, checked it out, it’s about high time you did. I have never found something on the Internet to be so useful, practical, and relational than that of Wikipedia. Well, Internet Movie Database comes in somewhere not too far behind (they get props in that I’m a movie buff and all), but a movie database is not really going to provide much “practical” knowledge. But, I do know a hell of a lot more movie trivia now, so you’d be advised to keep me away from the pink categories when playing Trivial Pursuit.

I went off on a tangent there, but then that’s what the Wikipedia is all about. You go to look up something — even the most obscure stuff and 99% of time you’ll find something. When reading about a subject, you’ll be given a thousand (okay, well maybe not a thousand) links to other subjects directly or sometimes not so directly to other subjects. Sometimes a simple reference turns into an hour long study session. In that time you might have learned three or four things you didn’t know the previous day.

I think I heard it put best as…

I think perhaps Wikipedia is one of humanities greatest achievements.

… and, I have to agree, if not just to piss off FatKidd, who is highly suspect of its Wiki (Wiki carries it’s own definition — look it up!) nature. For some, the architecture is just too open. Anyone can add, edit, or modify the content of the “encyclopedia.” Yeah, you can imagine that with this being the case, there has to be a lot of false, inaccurate crap posted. Well, not really. For every one person that posts crap, another comes along and corrects and/or deletes it, so in the end, it all balances out. And, for a company/site with only 3 permanent employees, it really is a remarkable achievement. Check out the founder’s personal appeal and explanation of the site:

Jimmy Wale’s Idea of the Wikipedia

So, use it, support it, and see why it is becoming one of the most visited, talked about sites on the Net. And who said a combined effort from the people of the world couldn’t produce and organize something so successful and practical — and not have to be managed by some higher authority, other than themselves? Gives me signs that there’s hope for this world yet — maybe — it’s possible — kinda…

UPDATE – Jan. 20, 2006

As I said, Wikipedia can be one of the greatest resources or one of the best places to confuse, mislead, liable, or slander. It’s the people of the world that must police each other. There have been some good stories recently. Must share them (they told me it was good to “share” when I was young):

So, pros, yes… cons, yes. Will evil ultimately triumph good — or visa versa? Who knows. But, it’ll be fun to watch. Research suggests that the site’s contect continues to just get worse and worse (as in more inaccurate) by the day. But, at present, Wikipedia sure beats the hell out of the ‘World Book Encyclopedia’ I had to use as a kid in the 80’s — even if it led me to have a few of my “facts” wrong on my “The Capital of Oklahoma: Oklahoma City” paper I turned in in 5th grade.

Guess it comes down to a personal choice. Use it, knowing you’ll need to confirm most of what you inquire about. Or don’t, and loose all that knowledge — good or bad — that you could have otherwise filled your brain’s gray cells with.

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  1. Fattkidd January 20, 2006 at 10:11 am #

    wiki my tiki

  2. The Kid January 20, 2006 at 1:39 pm #

    It’s one resource. And, for you (as well as everyone else) — you must ultimately find what is right and wrong. You HAVE TO GO IN THERE KNOWING NOT EVERYTHING IS going to be true. But, much of it is. You can expect that entertainment, politics, controversial things,, etc. are going to carry a lot of inaccuracies and speculation with them.

    But, you can’t expect the “owners” of the thing to note every correction. That’s the whole thing; it’s up to the people. Some stuff might not ever get corrected, or it will be corrected by replacing inaccuracies with different inaccuracies. Doesn’t mean that it’s all shit.

    FattKidd: But, 66% of Americans at one point or another believed that shit (for the longest time, they had postings on Iraq/Saddam Hussein that said he was responsible for 9/11, that he had nukes, that he had WMD’s , that he was in concert with Al Qaeda, etc etc… all of which was false.). A lot of people STILL believe that shit. So, in some peoples minds, it’s a fact.

    Yeah, well, Wikipedia didn’t make these people believe it. . . maybe some thousandths of a percentage. You talk like it’s their only influence. Again, going into that place and to something political, entertainment, etc. and believing every word of it (KNOWING ITS FREE EDITING AND PUBLISHING MECHANISM), you’d be nuts to believe it. Go look up the ‘tiger beetle’, well, that shit is probably correct — as well as ‘grue’!

    FattKidd: Point 2 is, if 100 people read some falsehood and then perpetuate that falsehood in their everyday lives then, Wiki as an ‘Encyclopedia’ is a failure.

    People do it everyday. . . and they don’t even know about nor have ever seen or heard a word about Wikipedia.

  3. The Kid January 20, 2006 at 1:40 pm #

    Look at my battle with the FattKidd. . . Oh, my friend! Why hast thou forsaken me? Is it because I beat you at target shooting so badly — and with your own BB gun to boot?!

  4. Fattkidd January 20, 2006 at 4:01 pm #

    Look at you go! Bringing up BB gun competitions and shit!!! And, in the pubic forum and shit!!! Look, Wikipedia can suck my #@$%. Ok? I ain’t gonna use it. You can use it if you want. Actually, please do! Then I can slam you up with your bogus info! You can edit everything you want. I got better things to do than to correct other people’s mistakes. And, the fact that English people sit around and edit that thing for fun is proof that it’s garbage and very, very uncool and, not something I should associate with.

    So, all of you ‘puter geeks out there that have nothing better to do than sit in front of a computer, trying to prove how smart you are by finding errors in Wiki entries and, thus correcting them, can have at it. Knock yourselves out. Only pimply-faced, no-girlfriend-havin’, Star-Trek-watchin’, underros-wearin’, tab-drinkin’, horn-rimmed-glassed-wearin’, Styx-listenin’, mugs would mess with that garbage!!!

    GOT IT!?

    And, as far as the BB-gun wars go… you don’t go to another man’s house, pick up his trusty rifle, AND START FUCKING AROUND WITH IT’S SIGHTS WHILE HE’S IN THE HOUSE GETTING YOU A TASTY ALCHOHOLIC BEVERAGE just because you can’t hit shit with it. Then, get it all sighted in to your preference and start talking trash about it!!!

    Like I said, it’s akin to fucking your brother’s wife… you just don’t do that.

    So, now that I got it all straightened back out… as Cartman would say…

    IT’S ON BITCH!!!

    See you on Sunday, Dave. 😉

  5. The Kid January 20, 2006 at 4:47 pm #

    Ohhhh. . . look at YOU bringing up the BB gun sites as some excuse.

    Okay, I admit it, I did mess with your sites (I didn’t fuck your brother’s wife, however.), because you had it all whacked out! You can’t block the target with the site, my man! That’s why! Then, half way through the first competition, you change the site back to the way you had it.

    And the results. . . I still beat you!

    AND THEN, I show up at your crib a second time, don’t touch your silly site — leave it all messed up — like you like it, you see. And, still spanked you. AND THEN, half way through your spankin’ you start changing the winning value limit.

    “We’ll play to 80.”

    “Wait. . . we’ll play to 100.”

    “No wait, we’ll play to 111 and if you go over, you go back 5 points.”

    “No wait, really. If you go over, you don’t go back 5 points, you go back to 100.”

    HAHAHLAOLLAOHAHLAOALHOAALOLOL! COME ON! What’s up with that!?!? And, I was all nice and junk. I didn’t say a word. . . I just kept on agreeing with you and let you make the rules. Figured it’d be nice of me since I was all like spanking you by 40+ points by this point.

    Now that the truth is out, I’m ready. IT’S ON BITCH IS RIGHT! Prepare for your weekend spankin’ again.

    So, go home tonight and start practicin’ like I know you will. . . 😉

    P.S. I don’t care about fighting for the Wikipedia anymore — the subject I’ve come to find is as intense and debatable as politics and religion. And me no likely talkin’ about that stuff. You can have cyclical debates about that garbage from now until the end of time and no one will be any closer to the other side than when they started.

    I guess BB gun battles provide life’s only truths.

  6. Fattkidd January 20, 2006 at 5:19 pm #

    Ok. You win, Wiki is cool. I win, Wiki is bunk.

    And, sorry to all the moms out there for the intense cursing!

    My mama didn’t raise me to be such a potty… typer.

    And, I wasn’t changing the rules to suit myself. It was our first regulated match so, I was trying to refine them to make an interesing game. So, for now on, we’ll do it like the pros…. 10 rounds… 30 shots… high score wins. Simple enough for ya?

    And, I don’t needs no practice to whup you!!! Just a few beers to get my bearings straight!!! 🙂

  7. The Kid January 20, 2006 at 5:33 pm #


    “Regulated Match” LOLAHAHALAOHALOL! Regulated drinking with firearms, maybe. No, I like your present rules. In fact, the last “refined” rules were perfect. So, let’s not ruin a good thing by making it too “official” or anything.

    I’ll bring my calculator. . . so, I can be assured my 3rd grade addition is accurate this time. I will bring my Crossman as well. We’ll switch it up over the course of two complete games — just to keep it interesting.

    You buy the alcohol this time.

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