Don’t Forget the SHOUTcast

Just wanted to drop a quick post about WinAmp, SHOUTcast, and a great Internet radio radio station I found back in the day.

Firstly, if you listen to MP3’s on your PC, you must use WinAmp. There’s no better decoder/player out there. It’s lightweight, feature packed, efficient, and the least invasive PC based player out there. Forget all the rest! Best thing of all, SHOUTcast was developed in conjunction with it. SHOUTcast enables people to run “MP3” servers, giving them a way to create their own “radio” stations.

In all of my cruising the different stations, one of the best ones out there — in terms of its diversity and droppin’ the jams, is No commercials, no gaiety, just a good eclectic blend of tunes. So, install WinAmp if you don’t have it, and check out the BlackDog. It’s good s%!t, man!

(Note: Other “Media Players” will also tune and play SHOUTcast stations, but WinAmp is the granddaddy of all of them, so why bother with the other?!?)

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