England Pics are Up

The Megster Now that the gallery is back up and running correctly, I finally added the pictures Meg and I took while in England. Yeah, it took over a month, but it seems everything has been takin’ longer to accomplish since the new year.

We got a few nice shots in the album. So, click the link and check ’em out. Meg took a bunch of great pics herself. I must say, she’s got quite the eye; she took some great shots! Her pictures start on page nine of the album — shot 438 on. Yeah, I know, I know. . . There’s a billion pictures, but whatever — check them out anyway. We deleted a ton of them and were still left with hundreds. That’s how it goes when you don’t have to worry about running out of film anymore.

Remember, rate the pics you like! We’d like to know which ones you feel are “frame worthy.”

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