Random Playlist Creator – New Release

W2 SoftwareI’ll keep it short and sweet… The W² Software dudes have been hard at work addressing people’s problems, adding functionality, and just plain making Random Playlist Creator with Genres a whole bunch better than it was before. An app barely alive… We rebuilt it… We had the technology. We had the capability to make the world’s first bionic playlist creator. Better than it was before, Stronger, Faster… (Queue in the theme music now.) It’s grown one whole version number, 1.0 to 2.0. Amazing. It’s got to be better then, right?!?

Go download it and try it out. It’s the perfect app for making those random playlists to throw on your player of choice. So, when you’ve reached that point where you just don’t know what the hell to listen to, but you know you don’t want to listen to some genre(s) or artist(s), look no further… Download this and stop hitting that track forward button all the time.

Peace, out!

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