Lake Erie Summer Goodness

Nothing beats not working, like really not working, heading North to escape the deadly heat of Savannah in the summer, and heading out to hopefully catch some walleye on Lake Erie — even though it was pretty much the end of walleye “season.” The day started early for me — 7:30. Now, that’s not normally early, but when the night before, you were hanging out, drinking, until 3 o’clock in the morning, it’s pretty damn early — trust me! The day slowly turned from utter agony into excitement once I got my bearings and the hang-over started to wear off. By the time my buddy Chris and I reached Lake Erie I was almost back to 100%. Almost. I was amped to get out on the water and start the “fishing tournament.” We got lucky with the weather… Erie was as flat as a pancake. The weather was an overcast, 72 degrees. The 89% humidity was a little annoying, but compared to Savannah, I was in heaven. We zoomed out 2 miles on a glass-like Erie (which doesn’t happen often) and started fishing. The “Erie pancake” didn’t last long though and before we knew it the lake started throwing 3-5 footers at us. My boy Chris would laugh every time a 5 foot valley came heading towards the back of the boat, ready to swamp us. Good stuff! No problems though… Fishing was on! We beat the boat and our bodies up zooming from place to place, but managed a great day of fishing out on the Great Lakes. We finished the day with four walleye and a small mouth (that saved itself by cutting the line on the prop) — and we didn’t even get injured or stranded 4 miles out when the engine decided to die on us. We beat the odds and the fish! We got some pictures of the day… Now, I just need to get out on the rivers and do some more fishing in Savannah; that is, when the heat decides to drop below 106 degrees, but that’s a whole other story that I’ll write about if and when I get the time…

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  1. Jane July 31, 2007 at 9:30 pm #

    Cusimano right? I’m happy you were able to reunite with our beautiful Great Lake, she is mighty and strong, and when she puts her mind to it she will put you in your place. I would adore a lazy day of fishin’ in Savannah…keep the last two weekends in September open! What I really want to know is, did the fish taste as good as it looks?

    Thank you Dave, as your stories are fueled with information, imagination and inspiration, combined with beautiful photographs that take me away and help me remember what is important! Keep’em coming!

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