Google Meltdown

Let’s see… After building up my Google PageRank for over two years to where a search for “Dave Wolf” would appear on Google’s first page and as the first or second link on that page, just something as simple as enabling of the comment system in Coppermine, some Open Source photo gallery software I use, crushed me! Well, it didn’t crush me… but, it certainly crushed my ranking in regards to Google and Google’s PageRank. I think I’m somewhere on page 18 or something now. Great. I only wanted some feedback on my photos. What did I get? I get a thousand porno and prescription drug links spammed into what were to be helpful comments on the photos I’ve taken and posted to the site.

Spam is simply out of control, people! You can’t have anything on the web anymore with any input field without some crazy piece of software monitoring it, verifying the input, whatever… It’s crazy. I have Akismet, an automatic service monitoring the general comment system of this web page. It’s caught some odd 33,000 spam comments that have attempted to make their way into the posts on this page. Stop the madness already, would ya?! Every other search engine has been nice… I wasn’t punished for all the spam links created by Coppermine’s weak comment system (yeah, the new version of Coppermine is much better, has a much more robust comment system, etc., etc., but I don’t run that version… and, no, I don’t want to upgrade. Thank you. I have a life to live.)

So, Googlebot, when you come by again, read this, make note and see what you can do to return me to my previous ranking. I did kill all the porno and drug links for ya!

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  1. Brian November 20, 2008 at 4:07 pm #

    The good news is my yahoo search ranked Dave Wolf top 2 hits. The Bad news is both links were redirected. The top “click to go” redirected me, but the link url on the bottem was correct, so all I had to do was cut/paste.

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