If You Can’t Beat ‘Em, Flickr

It’s become clear that without titling and commenting my photographs individually, something which I simply don’t have the time to do — it’s amazing I do as much as I do on this site as it is — that a lot of the wider, Internet public, was not able to view them… Why? Well, they couldn’t find them. There was nothing that contextually made them apparent or known to the search engines, so only the people that know of this site or received mails to check the images I posted, got to see them.

I created a Flickr account almost a year ago and posted images from Harbour Island (in the Bahamas) to the account. I had all but forgot about the account until doing some work this weekend where I was finally directed back to it for whatever reason. When I got there, I found a comment from an advertising agent. She noted that her agency wished to license some of my photo work. Too bad she left the comment 7 months ago! (Not really getting back to her in a timely manner — so, the “deal is off,” I would think. I’m sure she was looking for pictures of Harbour Island and that whatever they were working on has long since been completed.) Also, I found that many of the images were tagged as a lot people’s favorite images. Go figure?! Anyhow, it was clear that the Flickr images were getting hit a lot more than those in the gallery on this page. And, isn’t the reason I post images so that people can have a look at them? Well… it is.

So, I’ve taken the time today to add some of my images to Flickr and to “join the community,” so to speak…

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  1. The Kid August 12, 2007 at 2:49 pm #

    See. . . Wasn’t such a bad idea. I’ve already gotten 12 comments since I started uploading my albums today — some good, some bad. But, they’re comments, nonetheless. So, I guess Flickr is already doing what I’ve always wanted my gallery to have done — provide me feedback (good or bad) so I can improve my photography.

    Nice. I likey.

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