Stokke Desk Care Kit Won’t Fit Desk… The Solution

Here is a way to “correct” the Stokke Desk Care Conversion Kit that modifies the Stokke Changing Table into a desk, the Stokke Desk Care Kit, which depending on the years and make or your changing table vs. the year of manufacture of the desk kit, you’ll more than likely find upon receiving it that the desktop does not fit the frame (the frame is hard enough to get together; the horizontal supports take a lot of play with to get fit and screwed in!)

But, rather than return it, which would, I imagine, take about as long as this project does, not to mention the costs involved, there is an easy way to modify it to make it fit, have it look beautiful and have it function as intended.

All that is needed is:

1) A jigsaw (borrow one if you don’t have one)
2) Sandpaper (a power sander helps with the elbow grease needed, but is not necessary since the desk-top is made of soft MDF; and, you can borrow this as well)
3) 1 Can of flat white spray paint
4) 2 Cans of flat white enamel spray paint to create a tough, durable desk-top surface and to cover the modifications that you’ll be making to the corners of the desk-top
5) About 2-3 hours of your time, mostly for painting, to allow the multiple coats to dry

Here’s a brief description of how to do it:

Hope this helps you!  It’s a great way to actually “obtain the desk,” and, again, takes about as much time and money as it would to return the non-fitting item, which would leave you without the desk you wanted in the first place!  So, dive in, and get the desk you wanted!

Again, I hope this helps you out.  Enjoy!

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