So, about me. . . Well, I was born in Sao Paulo, Brazil in 1969. My folks were down there for a few years due my father’s job with Goodyear. They brought me back home to Akron, Ohio when I was around 6 months. So, needless to say, I don’t remember jack. The rest of my formidable years were spent in Akron.

I have a sister, Tracy. She still lives up in Akron.

After graduating high school I attended the College of Wooster and the University of Akron — where I completed my college education. In the early 90′s my father was relocated — again — to Atlanta, Georgia. Well, being that Akron was cold and gray most of the year and lacked any decent jobs, I up and moved with them. I got a job at ACE Hardware fixing lawn mowers, weed eaters, and other garden/lawn equipment when I got down there. Boy, I was really making it in the world. My pops was proud of me! That college education was paying off in spades.

But, not long after getting this job I finally was able to secure a job in the tech sector. Peachtree Software was the first technology company I conned my way into. I worked there for 4-5 years as a Senior QA Associate. From there I was recruited down to Savannah, Georgia where I work as a Product Development Manager for Ligos Corporation, a software video compression company (you know, MPEG, H.264… well, maybe not, but you get the point). And, here I am — still — almost 15 years later. Savannah has grown on me over the years and the company I work for, well. . . I guess you could say it’s grown on me too. The founders are like brothers to me. And, I am still doing what I love.

I actually enjoy getting up each day and heading into work. . .

How many people can say that?!?

Living out on a coastal island and having the beach and ocean only ten minutes away doesn’t hurt either.


Photography, aviation, traveling, web coding, computers and electronics in general, my wife, the ocean, fishing, and yardwork. Love that yardwork. In my previous life, I was for sure a migrant farm worker.


All over the place. . . I like rap, hard core metal, hard rock, southern rock, lite rock, rock, classical, jazz, funk, etc., etc., etc. You know, anything that appeals to my ears.

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