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Dave has worked in the tech industry for the past 20 years. He started his life with computers in 1979, selling Apple II's at a local computer shop when he was 13. Needless to say, he's seen quite a few things change with technology since then.

Site Search Ranking

Finally getting somewhere on the Net

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Don’t Forget the SHOUTcast

Don’t just play your MP3s with WinAmp. Tune into some SHOUTcast.

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England Pics are Up

Photos of our adventure to that Big Island

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Photo Gallery Meltdown

When attempted good things go bad — or, how it’s good to test that your back-up really works

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Microsoft’s Windows Live Local – Beta

Maps, Driving Directions, & Close-Up and Satellite Views of the World

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Fire Ants Can Bite My. . .

Fire Ants – The Worst Immigrants To Ever Enter the Country

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Wikipedia – Your Resource to the World

Wikipedia. It’s everything you ever wanted to know; and now you don’t need to be afraid to ask.

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Merry Hacking Christmas

So, I go up to the in-laws place for Christmas, having a good time — someone asked me about my photos and wanted to see some. I told them I had a bunch out on […]

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