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Dave has worked in the tech industry for the past 20 years. He started his life with computers in 1979, selling Apple II's at a local computer shop when he was 13. Needless to say, he's seen quite a few things change with technology since then.

Home Depot is Shit, Mon!

Home Depot is the most disorganized, worthless, waste of a company I have ever seen. I’ve given them the benefit of the doubt over the years — even though they have screwed me on several […]

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Site Deficit Disorder

Okay, it’s official. I was diagnosed with ‘Site Deficit Disorder’. The symptoms are apparent; just look at the number of postings that are present on this site since I created it. Maybe it’s because I […]

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Road-Trip: Charleston

Took a trip with Meg this last weekend — up to Charleston. My Mom had hooked us up with a nice weekend in Charleston as a Christmas gift last year. Went and saw ‘Charlie and […]

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AviSynth – A King of Apps

Okay, for those of you in the video world, there is an open source application that, if found, will become the backbone of all your video processing. That app is, AviSynth. I found this app […]

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The Straight Dope

You want to get some laughs yet learn an immense amount of sometimes practical information? Well then, The Straight Dope is for you. The basic gist is, people write in with these questions — questions […]

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MyNetFlix Plug-in for WordPress

I found a great plug-in today — MyNetFlix; it doesn’t really do much, but what it does do is pretty cool. Plus, it’ll work well in the ‘Movies’ page I am working on for my […]

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The Deal with the Gallery

Okay, whoever you may be. . . I guess I never really explained my intentions for the “gallery.” I went with this involved, comprehensive, feature rich gallery to try and have all you wonderful people […]

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Popular Science Fame

Well, a day after I posted the ‘Popular Science‘ item below, I received a message from them. The subject was ‘Popular Science – Seeking Permission. At first I thought that I was going to get […]

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