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Dave has worked in the tech industry for the past 20 years. He started his life with computers in 1979, selling Apple II's at a local computer shop when he was 13. Needless to say, he's seen quite a few things change with technology since then.

Best Show on TV

A few months ago I finally caught Penn and Teller’s new show — well, really not that new — on Showtime, Bullshit. And, let me tell you, this has got to be one of the […]

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A Must Have Magazine

I should really get a job at Popular Science. I push this magazine on people as if it were the Bible or something. My dad had a subscription to this magazine since the early 70’s; […]

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Use Your Extra GMail Bytes

Ever since Google started to offer users a GMail e-mail account, which includes storage space of 2000 megabytes, you have had plenty of storage space but not a lot to fill it up with. With […]

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The Eye in the Sky

You ever want to see what it was like to see the earth from space. . . I mean, actually space itself?! No? Well try it anyway. It’s pretty sweet. Google bought this company with […]

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Who Needs the Backpack Thing

Um, was that a sound in the engine?

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Customer Service

So, what ever happened to customer service?!? Does it not exist? Well, let me help ya out here. IT DOESN’T! There is no adjective to describe how deeply my hatred goes when it comes to […]

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Welcome to the New Site

Well, welcome to the new site. It’s amazing — as Igor, my Russian co-worker would say. And, it actually is amazaing; I’ve learned more about HTML, PHP, XHTML, CSS, etc. in the past four days […]

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Sample Post

This is a sample post to see how the system is updated. This thing is pretty cool. I can add to the blog from any browser from any connection. So, no painful HTML editing to […]

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