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Site Under Renovation

The site is under renovation; I am moving to a new WordPress theme to allow the sale of photos via a digital downloads.

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Is This Retina? – DPI/PPI Display Calculator

  So, it is nice to know how close your current gear may come to Apple’s Retina™ standard.  I’ve seen a few calculators out there that give you the critical PPI, but no so much […]

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Dropbox Camera Upload Stopped Working

Well, if you used and relied on Dropbox to backup any new photos from your iPhone when you plugged the device into your Windows 7 or Windows 8 (can’t confirm if they killed XP too) […]

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Stokke Desk Care Kit Won’t Fit Desk… The Solution

Here is a way to “correct” the Stokke Desk Care Conversion Kit that modifies the Stokke Changing Table into a desk, the Stokke Desk Care Kit, which depending on the years and make or your […]

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Update Snow Leopard to 10.6.8 on Dell 1525

I have been away from the Hackintosh community (and the 1525 community) for some time now, as updates have been easy and I haven’t had to do any DSDT modding or replacing of a larger […]

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Popular Science Goes (Went) iPad

… but sadly doesn’t care about your “paper” subscription or your years of loyalty. Or, do they? Could it be that Apple’s Magazine Subscription Model is strangling publishers into having to set prices so that […]

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Windows 7 (x64) Updates Failure – April 2011

During the last week of April, Microsoft released four updates for Windows 7 x64. They rolled in like normal. I selected all of them and let them do their thing when I was planning a […]

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AppleTV and XBMC – Dream to Stream

So… I was getting sick and tired of having to convert my videos (and RAW photos when I had to pull an impromptu slideshow for the family) on the PC/Mac and copy them to a […]

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