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Someone proabably did something bad


Dropbox Camera Upload Stopped Working

Well, if you used and relied on Dropbox to backup any new photos from your iPhone when you plugged the device into your Windows 7 or Windows 8 (can’t confirm if they killed XP too) […]

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Stokke Desk Care Kit Won’t Fit Desk… The Solution

Here is a way to “correct” the Stokke Desk Care Conversion Kit that modifies the Stokke Changing Table into a desk, the Stokke Desk Care Kit, which depending on the years and make or your […]

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Savannah Water & Sewer – Hate ‘Em

Okay, add Savannah Water & Sewer to the hate list — they’re just another company that goes out of their way to shows who cares least. I call last Friday to get some answers to […]

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Home Depot is Shit, Mon! (Part Deux)

The saga continues on the Home Depot, hardwood floor gig. But, now we’re getting somewhere… This arrived in my Inbox the other day: Dear Mr. Wolf, Thank you for your e-mail of August 10th. We […]

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Home Depot is Shit, Mon!

Home Depot is the most disorganized, worthless, waste of a company I have ever seen. I’ve given them the benefit of the doubt over the years — even though they have screwed me on several […]

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